by Lifewreck

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released in 7'' Vinyl record


released October 30, 2014

Recorded by Lifewreck at Ignite Studios
Mastered by George G.
Cover photo by Nick Paleologos



all rights reserved


Lifewreck Athens, Greece

Hardcore/powerviolence band from Athens, Greece

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Catch us on tour with Dirty Wombs in November 2014

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Track Name: Prey on me
To see me suffer makes you smile

To see me in pain gives you joy

Prey on all of my good intentions

My honesty and love makes you nervous

Waiting to hurt me more when im hurt the most

I wish you could crawl back to your mother’s vagina

You fucking piece of shit
Track Name: Clean cut
All of this was made for you and me

So we want have to think anymore

and we won't have to get tired again

we won't have to fight for anything

and we wont have to take part in anything

and we won’t have to get angry no more

lets spend our whole time being perfectly beautiful in

a sterile environment
Track Name: Aggravation
Cant remember the last time i had these positive thoughts

when was the last time i was happy for real?

cant fall in love, can’t have fun again

working my ass off just to pay the rent

is this a taste of what my life will be?

all i have is the realisation of what i’ve become

the failure of my struggle against growing up

sometimes i feel like punching my face

sometimes i feel like eating my own head
Track Name: Shaping the end
A world of pain

A sadist world of violence and hate

where children die for your comfort and ‘’safety’’

Shaping the end of your civilisation

Shaping the end of everything

The bodies of ‘’illegal’’ humans at the depths of the seas

The racial supremacists masked as democrats

The war on the poor, the fight to save the rich

The war is on the end is near

Shaping the end of your civilisation

Shaping the end of everything

The end
Track Name: Constant pain
Constant pain constant pain

constant pain constant pain

and i can’t fuckin sleep
Track Name: Waste of flesh
Laughing to myself as i see them passing by

All this effort to live a lie

what a waste of flesh you are

pathetic and submissive to this world
Track Name: A modern slave
Lack of sleep, headaches and pills, drinks to kill the boredom

Shitty diet, not enough time to keep fit, all my friends live the same routine

but i can’t stand it

All my energy is wasted on a race against time

everyone is moving forward but I’m failing to catch up

Forcing me to live a life of of a modern slave

my only salvation is my wage…
Track Name: Illness
Born in the wrong family

wrong values and wrong perceptions

an abused man is all you are

your body is rotting on the inside

your brain is burning day to day

your life is your illness

your family is 'killing' you

your friends are watching you die